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The tasty mixture of lady fingers and mutton pieces is essentially known as Bhindi Gosht. It is extensively eaten in Pakistan. It is served along with parathas or naans. It can also be eaten with rice. Individuals in India usually eat this recipe alongside with rice and curd. Addition of pickles alongside with this recipe adds a great taste.

I know there's been some controversy more than whether something butter-related could be healthy. Even some Indian eating places have fretted over whether or not to drop Ghee in favor of vegetable oils. But like most unwarranted health scares, I forecast this too will pass.


Seafood is supposedly extremely great for our skin and research backs it up. Seafood is a rich supply of important fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, flax seeds also contain omega acids which are great for skin. Purpose?Well these help reduce inflammation in the body which set off adverse reactions in our body leading to clogging of pores and pimples. They also help to moisturize skin from inside. Have a handful of almonds each day or consume Salmon, Tuna which all include these fatty acids.

What you get - The cafe is famous for its south Indian fare. They also serve North Indian, Chinese and Jain cuisine. But these are priced above the norm. Becoming in this cafe and not trying their specialties would be a criminal offense.

Everyone has their favourite curry house curry and here I would like to show you one of the important developing blocks to making them. Make a big batch of the do-it-yourself curry powder and you could be consuming your favorite curries in minutes in the ease and comfort of your personal house.



For a long time I have made soybean my staple food. Eggs, curd, vegetables (except tapioca, potato, colocasia etc.), limited quantities of dhal, ground nut (all nuts are good) are taken to supplement it. Take plenty of sambharam (curd combined with drinking water) prior to meals. You will be happy following meals. Raitha (curd combined with cucumber, namkeenbundi or kheera and so on.) is a great break fast.

Food and sweets are a very essential component of the diwali celebration. A festive season with out sweet is just incomplete in India. During Diwali festivals all the women distribute unique sweets made by them to their buddies and neighbours. read more It is considered that Diwali is a pageant when the Goddess of Cash -Laxmi gives blessing of prosperity. The conventional values are nonetheless adopted in India and Diwali time is each for snacks and sweets.

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